Student Services

AVLC provides all domestic and international students with a range of appropriate services to support them during their enrolment with the college.

The support services offered have been tailored to meet the various needs of individual students and our student services officers provide prompt responses to address a wide array of difficulties and problems that a student may face, thus ensuring student friendly approach to make their time at AVLC enjoyable and beneifical.

All AVLC students can access our range of support services by either contacting one of listed staff below or via email at or by calling +61 2 9687 0620.

Name Contact Email
Velma Keti
Sharon Chapple
Melinda Tornatore

Student Support Services

The student services available at AVLC will include the following:

  • Student counselling;
  • Learning support services
  • Academic and course monitoring
  • Student welfare;
  • Orientation program;
  • Complaints and appeal procedure.


AVLC Student Services will conducts an orientation program for all domestic and international students on their first day.  The orientation program will provide students with the needed information to assist them in completing their studies with AVLC and their rights and obligations.  The orientation program will cover the following information:

  • Your obligations as a student at AVLC
  • Further study options
  • Requirements to receive a qualification
  • Certificates issued on successful completion of the course
  • How your skills, knowledge and attitudes will be assessed
  • Recognition of prior learning or recognition of current competency
  • How you can appeal if you don’t agree with your assessment outcome
  • How you can complain if you are not satisfied with any part of the course
  • How you can get extra help with your learning
  • Course timetable
  • Attendance and course progress requirements
  • Course content and course materials
  • Accessing the LMS
  • Who your AVLC staff are and their roles
  • Student portal access on AVLC web site
  • Communication (e.g. internet and mobile phones)
  • Student code of behaviour
  • Keeping address and contact details up-to-date
  • Fees and payment plans
  • Emergency evacuation procedures
  • Information on first aid and local medical facilities
  • For International Studnets
    • Your stay in Australia
    • Visa requirements and support services
    • Working and student visa requirements
    • Keeping a valid OSHC while on student visa
    • Health insurance
    • Use of public transport
    • Use of taxis
    • Rail and road crossings
    • Safety measures in the home
    • Your obligations as a student at AVLC including requirements for achieving satisfactory course progress
    • Completion of the course in the normal amount of time
    • Accommodation
    • Finances

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