Enrolment Process

To apply as an International Student, please complete the following steps outlined below:

14 Step 1

View the qualification you would like to study and make sure that you meet all entry requirements

14 Step 2

Review and complete the International student application form

14 Step 3

Review the Terms and Conditions as stated in the International student application form and sign the declaration section

14 Step 4

Review the USI Privacy Notice and sign if you give the Australian Vocational Learning Centre permission to organise your USI. For additional information on the USI click here.

14 Step 5

Include all supporting documentation with your application e.g. English language proficiency as stated on in the International student application form

14 Step 6

Send your complete application by email, post or in person to:

Email: admissions@avlc.edu.au

Post to
Australian Vocational Learning Centre
P.O. Box 204
Parramatta NSW 2150

In Person
Student Services
Level 2
16 – 18 Wentworth Street
Parramatta NSW 2150

If delivering in person Student Services are available Monday to Friday 8am – 4.30pm

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Once your application is received it will be assessed using the AVLC English Language Proficiency Procedure. If your application is successful then a letter of offer that includes a formal written agreement will be forwarded to you along with an itemised list of course money payable.

Upon receipt of the signed formal written agreement, the letter of authorization from the relevant visa processing office and the tuition fee deposit and enrolment fee the student’s information is entered into PRISMS and a confirmation of enrolment (CoE) is created and forwarded to the Student along with a welcome letter outlining what the student is required to do upon arrival in Australia.

All fees paid are held in a trust account until the formal written agreement is signed by the student and returned.
The student is then given an AVLC identification number and a database record is established

Upon arrival in Australia the following procedure will occur for the commencement and orientation of new students to AVLC. Students have been supplied with a welcome letter outlining the steps to be taken once they arrive in Australia.

New students will contact AVLC and speak to a Student Services Officer. The Student Services Officer will take down the information of the students contact details and residential address in Australia. They will also arrange a time for an entry interview with the DOS.

The Student contact details will be passed over to the Administration Assistant who will enter this information in the Student Management Database and generate a letter with the details of the appointment with Student Services. This generated letter is then forwarded to the student and the student file is then created.

The student will meet with Student Services at the appointed time. At this interview Student Services will confirm the course they have enrolled into and take copies of original documentation such as Passport, Student Visa and IELTS results. Also at this interview Student Services will explain the requirements for the student to hold a USI whilst studying in Australia. Student Services will outline the privacy notice and ask if the student would like AVLC to apply for the USI on their behalf.

Student Services will provide the student with a copy of their timetable and allocated class, campus, shift and date of orientation. The student will also be provided with a copy of the student handbook.



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