Fee Refund Policy

In the unlikely event of default by AVLC, such situations are covered by the provisions of the ESOS Act 2000 and the ESOS Regulations 2001.

In the circumstances of provider default where the refund option is chosen by the student, AVLC must refund the student all course fees. Refund will be paid to students within 14 days of the default day.

Situations where a provider default may occur include:

1) The course does not start of the agreed starting date which is notified in the Offer Letter
2) The course stops being provided after it starts and before it is completed
3) The course is not provided fully to the student because the college has a sanction imposed by a government regulator
However, if the student agrees to accept an alternative (replacement) course or part of a course, to be provided to the student at the college’s expenses, then the college is relieved of its liability to make the payment. The student must advise the college in writing whether they agree to the alternative arrangement.

Local Students
After course commencement students who discontinue will not be entitled to any refund. Every effort will be made to negotiate the transfer of training in the event of a student’s prolonged illness or personal hardship. However, no consideration can be given to extended absences for any other reason.

International Students
The tuition fees will be refunded only under the following circumstances as shown in the table below:

Enrolment Fee Non-refundable
Tuition Fees
Visa refused prior to course commencement Full refund
Withdrawal at least 10 weeks prior to agreed start date 90% refund
Withdrawal at least 5 weeks prior to agreed start date 70% refund
Withdrawal less than 4 weeks prior to agreed start date No refund
Withdrawal after the agreed start date No refund
Visa cancelled due to actions of the student No refund
Visa extension is refused Return of unused tuition fees
Withdrawal from study – current students Refund of unused tuition fees (of the following term/s) (Notification of Withdrawal form must be received 4 weeks prior to term commencement by
Student Administration)
Compulsory Health Insurance
(Student Visa holders only) Refer to OSHC provider
Airport Pick-up Full Refund if service cancelled prior to flight arrival

Tuition fees will be not refunded under the following circumstances:

1. Student whose enrolment is terminated for failure to comply AVLC’s policies and procedures and the requirements of their Student Visa by DIAC.
2. Student cancels the enrolment less than two weeks prior the course commencement date.
3. Does not commence (i.e. Does not arrive, or has not arranged with us for a later start because of health or compassionate reason)
Requests for refund should be made in writing to the CEO with documented evidence of the reason for withdrawal. Eligible refunds will be refunded within 28 day of receipt of the claim. A documented administrative fee $150 will be charged for processing refunds. The $200 enrolment fee is not refundable.

All refunds will include a statement explaining how the refund amount was calculated.

Refund will only be given to the person who paid the tuition fees. For example, if the tuition fee was paid by an agent or parents, the money will only be refunded to either the agent or parents.

This refund policy does not remove students’ rights to take further action under the Australian
Consumer Protection Laws.

Withdrawal from commenced course

In the event the students intend to transfer their study to another provider or terminate their study. One month notice in writing is required before the commencement date of the next term. If less than one month notice is given, the student or an agent or parents have the obligation to pay the following term’s fees according to the instalment indicates on the offer letter.

You need fill out the course withdrawal form to notify college the cease of your study. The form is available from reception at each campus upon request.



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