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The Australian Government, Department of Industry have created a national database of all enrolments in Vocational Education and Training (VET) from 1 January, 2015. This includes Certificate, Diploma and short courses like the St John first aid course. In order for your enrolment in a St John first aid course to be added to the national database, you will need to provide us with a Government allocated Unique Student Identifier – a USI.

Click here to get your Unique Student Identifier (USI).

What is a USI?

A USI is a 10 digit alpha-numeric number that is unique to each student in the VET system. The USI looks something like this: 3AW88GT1X5. The number will allow all VET students to keep a history of their results from all VET training they do, from all providers, in one central location. This will make it easier for you, as a student, to manage and track your VET training courses and results.

Do I need to get one?
If you don’t provide us with a USI, we can’t print you a certificate at the end of the course or add your results to the national database.
When you provide us with your USI, we will validate it and record your training results on your academic transcript. It’s easy to get a USI and you only have to do it once.

How do I get one?
Log on to the Department of Industry’s USI website at www.usi.gov.au.
Here, you can enter the required information and the system will generate your unique USI. You will need to have your identification ready – one of the following:

  • Driver’s Licence (Australian)
  • Medicare Card
  • Australian Passport
  • Visa (with Non-Australian Passport) for international students
  • Birth Certificate (Australian)
  • Certificate of Registration
  • Citizenship Certificate
  • Immicard

How much does it cost?
Getting your USI will not cost you anything. The USI is a free service provided by the government to make it easier for you to manage and track your training history.

I have a USI. What do I do with it?
When you enrol in a course with AVLC, simply provide the USI to us and we will validate it for you and record your course outcomes against your VET academic transcript. You can use this USI for all VET training.

What if I forget my USI?
The website www.usi.gov.au provides an option for you to retrieve your USI, if you forget it. AVLC encourages you to get a Unique Student Identifier and provide it to us when you enrol.

Can I ask AVLC to get the USI for me?
AVLC can assist you with getting your USI number at time of enrolment. By completing the USI section of your enrolment form and providing evidence of the require identification document and completing the Privacy Notice attached to the enrolment form we will complete the process for you.

I am an International Student Do I need a USI?
Yes as an international student studying in Australia with an Australian training organisation you will need a USI from 1 January 2015.
All international students in Australia will have been issued with an Australian Visa and this will let you use your passport as proof of ID when creating your USI.



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