Why is Vocational Education the logical first step into Australian education for students who have just finished High School?

Coming to Australia is a major decision which requires both a financial and emotional investment. Going straight into a Bachelor’s program can be an overwhelming experience with an impersonal service. From our experience it is important for students not to “dive straight into the deep end” which could become extremely stressful and difficult to get through.

The ATAR rating for international students to enter into University is much lower than for local students. How does this make sense when local students are more likely to have a relevant base level knowledge to succeed while many international students are studying with English as their second language. It makes economic sense for the Universities as they are able to earn more money from the failure and repeat attempts from international students than they do from local students. But is this a practical process for students whom may feel unprepared when starting their degree in world that is new to them?

Aside from preparing students for employment, one of the key roles as a vocational business college is to prepare students for University in order to be able to effectively handle the challenges that they will face in their studies. We do this through our programs both in our Sydney campus and through our online programs. The advantages of both are simple. Save money, be nurtured in your academic and professional development and be prepared to succeed in your Bachelor studies. We offer this as an online service as it effectively trains students key skills required for tackling their move to Australia in the comfort and safety of their own home. Not only will this prepare you but will also give you a taste of the course that you wish to invest your time and money into thus truly understanding if your chosen area is suitable to you as a person.



Australian Vocational Learning Centre (AVLC) was established in 2009. CEO and owner of AVLC, Neil Chapple, identified a niche in the Vocational Education and Training (VET) marketplace for a quality college that teaches recognised and current skills and knowledge while applying ethical business principles.



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